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  • Welcome, My name is Joe.
    I have been doing photography for over 9 years. Some of my first pictures are of my 10 year taking her first steps. If I only had the experience then, that I have now, I might actually show people those photos. They are horrible, not to mention they were taken with a 2MP Kodak point and shoot.

    I love photographing life moments.
    Kids playing together.
    People in love.
    Families playing together.
    Don't get me wrong, sit down portraits are great, they bring lasting memories of that time and place, but who wants to sit in a studio all dressed up. That is now how it should be, it should be at your favorite places. Dressed how you normally dress. This is Hawaii after all...

  • My Availability

    i'm still booking through the summer months!

Soccer Parade

IMG 2872

James’s soccer game

Doug, What the hell is this?

I told you I had pictures!!

Running the bases at AT&T Park…

Baby Geckos